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The search for adventure is what drives us who travel to strap all our belongings onto our backs, move for days towards an unknown corner of the world, searching for a sight, a taste, a tradition or a friendship that’s novel, genuine and exciting. We navigate winding streets, open markets and unknown cultures to find extraordinary people, places and things. Though while we search for unique knowledge and experience in these places, it is so often that we find the similarities to home just as rewarding as the differences.

However, we find nothing without taking the leap and allowing ourselves to see these places away from our usual experiences; while remaining open to new, wonderful and sometimes challenging ways of living life. This leap often involves risks that an average vacation may not present, but it’s exactly an average vacation that we promise not to provide.

In our years traveling we’ve learned that the most rewarding experiences are found where we’ve been able to do things differently while sharing in a familiar smile and learning new ways of seeing the world.

It’s with these understandings in mind and the earnest desire to share them that we’ve created Barefoot Adventures.


Mark Winton

Born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Mark finished his studies at University, strapped on a backpack and explored the world.


Anthony Sullivan

“You’re be here for a good time, not a long time!” Are the wise words that have propelled me to most corners of thethe world, eventually leading me to one of the most incredible places on earth – the banks of the White Nile in Uganda. It’s been a long held goal to share this place with anyone and everyone who would join me and I’m thrilled you’re considering coming along!



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